poetic ritual of theater and music

by and with Giulio Casale, Andrea Meloni, Sabrina Mascia
directed by A. Meloni

Saturday 14 July 2018 at 8.30 pm
park of Terramaini, Cagliari

"Furia and Magnificence" is a show in music, words, images and theatrical physicality that deal with the relationship between contemporary man and nature, where the human being perceives and experiences the natural surrounding with the double feeling of idyll and threat.
It is a creative and community experience of memory and re-elaboration of social dramas, experienced in the last 40 years by the inhabitants of numerous Italian locations as a result of storms and floods.
The show does not pose as yet another complaint against civil liability in the events of environmental disaster, but as a reflection on the obvious and progressive deterioration of the relationship between man and nature. Every day we watch impotent or indifferent to a real phenomenon of illiteracy of return, of identity eradication, of distance from that feeling of belonging to the natural surrounding from which we all come.


INFO: 070 306392 - info@teatroalkestis.it - www.teatroalkestis

Production 2018: Teatro Laboratorio Alkestis and compagnia d'arte Circo Calumet
with: Giulio Casale, Andrea Meloni, Sabrina Mascia
director: A. Meloni
texts and sound environments: A. Meloni
lyrics and music: G. Casale
gestural score: Sabrina Mascia
costumes: Rosa Pinna
masks: Marilena Pitturru
photo: Stefano Fanni
service: Sound Fusion
press office: Michela Garau
organization: Teatro Laboratorio Alkestis
graphics: Laura Marinelli
artistic director: A. Meloni

with the contribution of Comune di Cagliari "CagliariPaesaggio", under the Patronage of Comune di Cagliari, with the contribution of Regione AutÚnoma de Sardigna - Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

debut: 01/03/2018 at 9 pm, Teatro Alkestis (Cagliari), inside the festival Sound Around the Island - Teatrabili 2018
replicas: 14/07/2018 at 8.30 pm, park of Terramaini, via Vesalio, Cagliari, inside the event CagliariPaesaggio 2018 by Comune di Cagliari

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read the article (in Italian) by Guido Garau from L'Unione Sarda of 01/03/2018


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